Equivalent Microsoft ASF version available here (2.7 MB)

This video shows the collage player application developed for the iPod. The chosen sequence developed for demonstration purposes is based on a private collection of photos. Once the collage is started, it randomly displays photos from the collection on the screen. Unlike its workstation counterpart, it does not fade the photos over time, rather the most recent one has a frame drawn around it to draw attention to it. We found, as a substitute, this worked well in practise.

When the viewer sees a photo of interest, as happens in the video when a picture of the foreshore appears with framed by an overhanging tree,

The collage player is part of a wider programme of work involving the open source Greenstone library software and an iPod. Done as a proof-of-concept, the collage player would ultimately be tied into the iPod Greenstone software so it launches when a corresponding item is accessed through the digital library.