Hi-resolution version MPEG available here (140 MB)

This video shows the PlaceBrowser application in use. The application is first launched from the start menu, and then (after initialisation) presents an aerial view of Swansea city centre (downtown). First the user pans around the area (zooming in and out is also possible with the overlay icons in the bottom left corner); then they change to spatial search using the overlay icon in the bottom left corner of the display. Now when they drag the mouse it draws a rubber-banded box in yellow on the screen. When satisfied with the rectangular areas prescribed, the user removes the stylus from the screen to initiate a search.

Behind the screens, spatially positioned postcodes (aka zip-codes in US parlance) are represented in a KD-tree. When a spatial search is drawn out, PlaceBrowser derives the codes that fall with in the region from the KD-tree and performs a web-based search (Google is used in the example, with other search engines a configurable option). In the demonstration video, the user spatial query is centred over a large-roofed building (which houses many shops). After a short delay, the web results are presented. The users scrolls down and selects the Swansea Men's clothing store match and views its page.

Returning back to the aerial map view, the user pans the map some more and then repeats the process over a large building in the Marina quarter, down by the waterfront.