Work Package 1: Identification of role Greenstone can play to ongoing FIT projects.

The candidate prioritised list drawn was as follows:

1. Enhanced Greenstone capabilities for the StoryBank project (EPSRC EP/E006396/1).

2. Collaging on an iPod

3. Spatial map search on a PDA

4. Digital Stories on an iPod

5. Running an iPod as a Web server

6. Illiterate user interface work

7. Smartphone digital story upload for StoryBank

Workplans for the first five items were completed. Brain-storming on item 6) was conducted as part of the StoryBank workshop that Bainbridge attended, but no technical development was undertaken. Item 7) proceeded independently of Bainbridge, but ultimately benefited from the improved Greenstone/StoryBank integration that occurred through item 1).