Greenstone tutorial exercise

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Sample files:
Devised for Greenstone version: 2.70w|3.06
Modified for Greenstone version: 2.87|3.08

CDS/ISIS collection

This exercise is similar to the Bibliographic collection exercise, except that a CDS/ISIS database is used instead of a MARC database, and we do not explode the database.

  1. Start a new collection called ISIS Collection (base it on New Collection).

  1. Drag the files from sample_files → isis (excluding the format_tweaks folder and the README.txt file) into the collection.

  1. Build and preview the collection. The default indexes, classifiers and formats are not very useful for this data. There is no metadata searching, and the Titles classifier is completely empty. The filenames classifier is useless because all records come from the same file.

  1. In the Search Indexes section of the Design panel, remove the useless Source and Title indexes, and add new indexes for ex.Photographer^all, ex.Country^all and ex.Notes^all metadata. In the Search section of the Format panel, you can set the display text for these indexes to "photographer", "country" and "notes".

    CDS/ISIS metadata has subfields, and these are represented using ^.

  1. In the Browsing Classifiers section of the Design panel, remove the existing (useless) classifiers for dc.Title;ex.Title and ex.Source, and add a new List for ex.Photographer.

  1. Rebuild and preview the collection.

  1. In the Format Features section of the Format panel, change the VList format statement to display Photographer and Notes metadata. Change it to look like:

    <td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td>
    <td valign=top><b>[ex.Photographer^all]</b><br/>[ex.Notes^all]</td>

  1. Make fielded searching the default by changing the searchType format statement to form,plain (instead of plain,form).

ISISPlug stores a nicely formatted version of the record as the document text, and this is what is displayed when we view a record. Let's tidy it up a little more.

  1. Remove the DETACH and NO HIGHLIGHTING buttons by setting the DocumentButtons format statement to empty.

  1. Remove the "Untitled" at the top of the document by setting the DocumentHeading format statement to empty.

  1. We'll link to the raw record, which is stored as ISISRawRecord metadata. Edit the DocumentText format statement to look like the following. (This format can be copied from sample_files → isis → format_tweaks → document_text.txt.)

    <p><b>CDS Record:</b><br/><tt>[ISISRawRecord]</tt></p>
    <center><a href=\'_gwcgi_?e=_cgiarge_&a=d&d=_cgiargd_\'>Hide CDS Record</a></center>,
    <center><a href=\'_gwcgi_?e=_cgiarge_&a=d&d=_cgiargd_&showrecord=1\'>Show CDS Record</a></center>

  1. Preview the collection.

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