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Devised for Greenstone version: 2.60
Modified for Greenstone version: 2.87

Exporting a collection to CD-ROM/DVD

Greenstone collections can be published on a self-installing CD-ROM/DVD that works on Windows.

  1. Launch the Greenstone Librarian Interface if it is not already running.

  1. Choose FileWrite CD/DVD image.... In the resulting popup window, select the collection or collections that you wish to export by ticking their check boxes. You can optionally enter a name for the CD-ROM: this is the name that will appear in the menu when the CD-ROM is run. If a name is not entered, the default Greenstone Collections will be used. You can also specify whether the resulting CD-ROM will install files onto the host machine when used or not. Click <Write CD/DVD image> to start the export process.

    The necessary files for export are written to:

    Greenstone → tmp → exported_xxx

    where xxx will be similar to the name you have entered. If you didn't specify a name for the CD-ROM, then the folder name will be exported_collections.

    You need to use your own computer's software to write these on to CD-ROM. On Windows XP this ability is built into the operating system: assuming you have a CD-ROM or DVD writer insert a blank disk into the drive and drag the contents of exported_xxx into the folder that represents the disk.

    The result will be a self-installing Windows Greenstone CD-ROM or DVD, which starts the installation process as soon as it is placed in the drive.

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