Greenstone tutorial exercise

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Devised for Greenstone version: 2.70w|3.06
Modified for Greenstone version: 2.87|3.08

Editing metadata sets

GEMS (Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets) can be used to modify existing metadata sets or create new ones. GEMS is launched from the Librarian Interface when you want to create a new metadata set, or edit an existing one. In this exercise, we run GEMS outside of the Librarian Interface.

Running GEMS

  1. Start the Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets (GEMS)

    Start → All Programs → Greenstone-2.87 → Metadata Set Editor (GEMS)

    (If you're on Linux, use a terminal to run the gli/ start-up script.)

  1. GEMS starts up with no metadata set loaded. You can start a new set, or open an existing one, from the File menu.

Creating a new metadata set

  1. In this exercise, we will create a new metadata set. In order to save time, we will base it on an existing one: Development Library Subset. From the File menu, select FileNew.... A popup window appears: New Metadata Set. Fill in the fields. Use "My Metadata Set" for the Metadata set title:, "my" for the Metadata set namespace:, and select "Development Library Subset Example Metadata" from the Base this metadata set on: drop down list. Click <OK>.

  1. The new metadata set will be displayed. The left hand side lists the elements (and sub-elements, if any) for the set, and the right hand side displays the set or element attributes. Since the new set was based on the Development Library Subset metadata set, it already contains all the elements from that set.

Adding a new element to a metadata set

  1. Right click on My Metadata Set in the left hand tree (or in the blank space in the left hand side) and choose Add Element from the menu that appears. In the popup window, type "Category" for the new element name, and click <OK>. The new element will appear in the list.

  1. In the right hand side, the default attributes will appear for the new element. "Label" and "definition" are used in the Librarian Interface when displaying metadata elements and their descriptions (the "definition" is shown as additional text for the element). These attributes can be set in multiple languages.

  1. Save the new metadata set by FileSave, then close the GEMS by FileExit.

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